Topics of Interest in Sports Media

Unlike the sports media project page examples, these students created materials which may be of topical interest for others.
A feature-style story about working in sports following an interview with executives from the Kansas City Royals by graduate student, McKenzi Morris (fall 2018).
Graduate student, Justin Rex (fall 2018), photo-documents his fall covering West Texas high school football.
An investigation into equity in women's professional tennis (fall 2018) by graduate student, Traci Couch. This example demonstrates formulation of a research interest area.
An example of using data to inform a story that can be shared (fall 2018) by graduate student, Torico Price.
A recap of formal study (6050 project) on an area of student interest by graduate student, Joey Marcades (fall 2018).
Undergraduate student, Jacob Poole (fall 2018), investigated and reported on how an aspiring Texas Tech student might set themselves up to pursue a career as a sports agent.